This year I have the intention to live exactly how I imagined. This resulted in travels to places I always wanted to go (or return too) and one of those places is Turkey, particularly Istanbul. It often felt like a magical mix of old and new; grace, chaos, and kebabs. I spent a week wandering the cobble stones streets and letting my eye be grabbed and drawn towards whatever glimmer I saw. One of the most captivating places I visited were the Princes Islands, in the Maramara Sea. I spent an afternoon wandering an island named Büyükada. There were so many animals popping out of corners of twisted tree and abandoned monasteries. One of my favorite moments was walking through this whimsical forrest in an abandoned fair ground, called Luna Park. Out of no where I saw this beautiful dog laying in a  field of purple flowers. He looked right at me, and slowly returned to the forrest.

Buyukada forrest friend

Luna Park dog

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